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Princess Diana hairstyles express an elegant and sophisticated trendy new short hairstyle and according to the poll, her hairstyles are still well loved by women of all ages and all over the globe.

In fact she is considered to be one of the most famous fashion icons of the 1980s.

Her dressing sense had generated a lot of public attention but it was the princess hairstyles that became the true expression of her style and her personality.

Soon after the late Diana's wedding with Prince Charles, the young princess became an instant style-setter with her choices of really cute short hairstyles.

Princess Diana's pageboy haircut which happens to be a really cute short hairstyles, with long bangs, created a youthful appearance in contrast to the formal royal styles.

famous short hairstyles

With the passing time Diana's princess hairstyles also started reflecting her modern independent women image which was different from the formal royal tradition.

Princess Diana's bob hairstyle always looks stylish even if you do not have that classic and elegant look of the late Princess of Wales. Her long feathered flirty fringe personified 80s glamour.

This look was known as the 'Purdey' and caused a tidal wave from the moment she started sporting it and is instantly dubbed as one of the most trendy new short hairstyles..

In fact feathering was one of the popular famous short hairstyles during the 1980s; it was basically a hair cutting technique used for short layers to make it look like feathers and this was once a reknown late Diana's famous short hairstyles.

One of the most famous women known to have a clean-cut women's hairstyle was Princess Diana. Another interesting aspect of Princess Diana hairstyle is that it was short and no effort hairstyle.

While other celebrity hairstyles are bit hard to manage Princess Diana's style was easy to copy as well as to maintain. Princess Diana is considered as a classic beauty who largely maintained short hairstyles.

Princess Diana Hairstyles

In 1990, Diana updated her appearance by going for a short layered cut and it soon became her signature look. It was simple, sophisticated yet glamorous and it suited her perfectly.

This new short layered cut reflected her lifestyle which made her look more confident, fashionable, and at the same time modern independent women.

In the year 1995, Princess Diana's slicked-back hairstyle also known as duckbill hairstyle made waves. In late 1990s she again updated her look with elegant pixie cut.

This particular new Princess Diana hairstyles had layers that were a little bit longer and reserved for the side and back of her hair, rather than the crown area. She had dual-layered bangs that hung down slightly above her eyebrows and that could be straight or pushed to the side.

So there you have it - a list of the late Diana's choice of favourite hairstyles. Which is your favourite? Let us know by dropping us a comment in the Comment Box below!


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